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    About Us

    If you're looking for contemporary eco-friendly products to help you live life a little greener, Lavish & Lime is a great place to start. 

    Lavish & Lime was founded in 2007 by a husband and wife team who made a shift to living a more sustainable lifestyle after starting a family. They began consciously thinking more about ingredients, materials and the impact they all have on the environment.

    Today, Lavish & Lime is now operated by Lisa, a former newspaper reporter, and mother with a young family. Living a sustainable lifestyle is a way of life. Her love of nature, a desire to live organically and green, along with an affinity for finding unique products, led Lisa to delve into being an online retailer of eco-friendly products.

    Lavish & Lime is about shades of green. We’re not tree huggers and we’re definitely not litter bugs either – we’re somewhere in between and firmly believe that even small steps make a difference. If we all do a little, it will help a lot. That’s what the ‘Lime’ is about. The ‘Lavish’ is all about giving and enjoying nice things. Eco doesn’t have to be boring and beige anymore.

    Our Review Panel

    Don't just take our word for it. In our ongoing search for the latest and greatest eco products, we've brought on board a panel of people we consider to be experts. Meet our review panel.

    Our Products

    A major goal at Lavish & Lime is to find unique, high quality products that are fashionable and good for you, your family and the environment.

    Being 'green' is a way of life and is the smartest, most efficient way to do things when all true costs are taken into account. To us, buying a reusable sandwich wrap that can last an entire school year (or several) is a smart eco-choice because it saves you money and reduces the number of baggies going into the landfill.

    Everything at Lavish & Lime has been selected because of its inherent quality and  style. Each product must successfully pass through one of the following three filters: eco-friendly, natural/non-toxic and made in Canada.

    The 'three ticks' label on our product pages lets you know why we chose a product at a glance:

    Eco-friendly - either made of sustainable (bamboo, cork, etc.) or recycled materials or encourages people to reduce and reuse.
    Natural/non-toxic - this category recognizes healthy materials and manufacturing processes are linked to our own health and well being and that of the environment.
    Made in Canada - buying Canadian not only helps support the local economy and jobs, it also reduces the carbon footprint and provides a level of consumer comfort regarding production and labour standards.
    Some of the products we carry on our site are responsibly made in China. Companies who engage in ethical business practices and commit to ensuring high quality products are the ones we have chosen to deal with and we will continue to do so. We only sell products that we would use ourselves and consider safe for our family. As such we are confident in offering them to our customers.

    We know with our great products and focus on service, you'll have a positive shopping experience with us every time, at least that's what our customers say. Read their testimonials here.

    Top 10 Reasons to Shop at Lavish & Lime

    1. Our collection of contemporary products features some of the COOLEST eco items on the market today.
    2. We value your privacy - spam annoys us as much as it does you! Be assured we will not share your email address or any other information with any third party. Read our privacy policy here.
    3. Our products are good for you and the planet too.
    4. We spend time with manufacturers finding about their factories, production practices and more.
    5. The products we offer have been reviewed by our expert panel and given the nod. Not every product we present to the panel makes it onto the site.
    6. We reuse as much of our suppliers boxes and packaging as possible, to extend the life of these products, which is in keeping with our REDUCE, REUSE, RE-CYCLE beliefs.
    7. If you're ordering a gift, we’ll happily include a handwritten gift card with your personal message – for FREE! Write your message in the customer comments box and we’ll take care of it.
    8. Our customers get the inside scoop on our sale events, latest products and receive exclusive special offers. Tick the newsletter box when creating an account or sign up here and you'll be 'in the know'!
    9. We are passionate about customer service and are readily available to answer any product questions or provide further information. Just call us 1-604-734-0088. Plus you can always email us at
    10. Not sold on the first nine? No problem – here's the clincher. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We want you to be happy with your purchase so if you’re not, simply send it back within 30 days and we’ll gladly refund your money!

    Thanks for stopping by. We hope you enjoy shopping with us!
    Here's a great place to start browsing.

    Colin & Louise Campbell, Co-founders

    & Lisa Foeste, Chief Eco Officer