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    CleanWell Natural Hand Sanitizers - spray
    Priced at: $5.60
    Item Code: SKU7311
    Dimensions: 30 ml, 11cm x 3.25cm x 1.5cm

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    CleanWell Natural Hand Sanitizers - spray

    Fight germs on the go with this chic, chemical-free little spray. CleanWell natural hand sanitizers have no harsh chemicals - including alcohol - and are proven to kill 99.99% of germs on contact. Independent lab studies prove this alcohol-free hand sanitizer performs as well as alcohol-based hand sanitizers, without the alcohol. It's made from a patented blend of natural essential plant oils - recognized as safe by the FDA - that have been used around the world for centuries. The active ingredient is thyme. There's no ingestion risk, making this hand cleaner ultra-safe for kids. Leaves skin feeling soft with a fresh citrus herb or orange-vanilla scent that disappears as it dries. The easy-to-use, recyclable spray bottle with "no mess" flip top cap makes it perfect for taking with you. The small pocket size is ideal for your purse, glove box, diaper bag or your child's backpack and perfect for stashing in your desk drawer at work. The 30ml bottle contains 225+ sprays - 4x more uses than the same amount of alcohol gel. Made in the USA.

    Two scents available. Choose from original fresh citrus herb or orange vanilla in either the single 30ml bottle size or a pack of 6 - 30ml bottles.

    Multi-buy saving: buy the 6-pack and SAVE $2.50

    CleanWell Natural Hand Sanitizers also available in the following sizes:


    For help and advice or to order over the phone, please call 778 279 5463.

    More information:
    This instant hand sanitizer is lab proven to kill 99.99% of germs on contact, including MRSA (staph infection), E. Coli and Salmonella.

    The best way to prevent sickness is to wash with soap and water but when a sink isn't around, an effective alcohol-free hand sanitizer is a good alternative. Two sprays of Cleanwell are usually enough, then simply rub hands together until dry.

    Alcohol free. Concerns about the misuse of alcohol-based hand sanitizers by kids are on rise, with good reason. The alcohol used in hand sanitizers is 120 proof. This mixture is flammable and poisonous if ingested by kids. Alcohol is a drying agent that with frequent use can leave hands feeling dry and cracked. It also stings if applied to hands with any cuts and abrasions. As alcohol evaporates, you need to apply more product to your hands for it to be effective.

    Chemical free. Cleanwell all natural hand sanitizers do not contain Benzalkonium Choride (BAC), a synthetic compound that has been linked to asthma, chronic dermatitis and other immune system disorders. They are also free of Triclosan, chemical can potentially encourage bacterial resistance to antibiotics, fueling the growth of super bugs. Triclosan is also linked to health problems like disruption of the thyroid function.

    Eco-friendly. This hand cleaner is 100% readily biodegradable so it breaks down quickly and completely without upsetting the natural balance of the ecosystem. The packaging is readily recyclable. The product is not tested on animals and is certified cruelty-free.

    Read our interview on Natural Hand Sanitizers vs. Alcohol Hand Sanitizers with Dr. Larry Weiss, the MD behind the Cleanwell Natural Hand Sanitizer products. We also have 10 Ways to Fight Flu Naturally.

    About thyme:
    The natural antiseptic power of thyme is the key ingredient. Thyme has a long history of use as a medicinal plant to ward of sickness. I has been used as an antiseptic for thousands of years. Thyme grows in regions around the world without the use of pesticides. It's renewable, grows quickly and is hardy.

    Thymus Vulgaris Oil (thyme oil, natural antimicrobial), Aloe Barbadensis Leaf (aloe vera, natural emollient and skin conditioner), Citric Acid (antioxidant & environmentally benign cleaning agent), Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (orange) Oil (natural essential oil), Copper PCA (skin conditioner & naturally occuring mineral found in human skin), Sodium Decylglucosides Hydroxypropyl Sulfonate (plant-based emulsifier derived from corn sugar and coconut oil), Sodium Coco Sulfate (plant-based emulsifier derived from coconut), Hydrolized Oats (skin conditioner), Litsea Cubeba (litsea) Oil (natural essential oil), Sodium Citrate (natural pH balancer), Origanum Vulgare (oregano) Oil (natural essential oil), Water

    Media says:
    "For the last few weeks we have put our CleanWell hand sanitizer to the test. We used it at the petting zoo, pumpkin patch, after preschool, at the park and just about everywhere. Out of all the hand sanitizers we have tried, this is our favourite. We like the fact that it comes in a small single bottle and it is easy to apply thanks to the spray feature."

    "Itís a super handy size with a no muss, no fuss flip top lid that you donít have to unscrew or worry about losing (it looks a little bit like a lighter) and itís lightly scented without being overwhelming. Yup, one more thing to add to my flu fighting arsenal."

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