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    Glass Water Bottle - flip cap grass green 450ml
    Priced at: $26.00
    Item Code: SKU56389
    Dimensions: 450ml, 16 oz
    Quantity Out of Stock
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    Glass Water Bottle - flip cap grass green 450ml

    The performance of the Flip Top Cap meets the purity of glass. The Flip Cap offers easy on the go drinking with the convenience of both a narrow mouth spout and the traditional wide mouth access. A glass water bottle with a silicone cover that ticks all the boxes: it's non-toxic, eco-conscious and looks great. Tired of tasting metal while steering clear of toxic plastic bottles? Our range of glass beverage bottles are bisphenol-A (BPA), phthalate, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) free plus the easy-grip silicone cover makes them virtually unbreakable. Please note the silicone Flip Top seals when closed properly and should not leak. However it does not lock in place and could be knocked ajar. As a result, it's not upside-down, bottom-of-the-bag leakproof bottle, but it's a tiny compromise for a great design and safe sipping. Now available in multiple colours at Lavish & Lime. Made in the USA and Europe.

    For help and advice or to order over the phone, please call 604 734 0088.

    More information:
    The non-toxic silicone sleeve makes this glass bottle more durable than most. To test, it has been repeatedly dropped from waist height onto the floor and remained intact.

    Both the glass bottle and sleeve can be put into the dishwasher together.

    This unique glass water bottle has the following features:
  • BPA, phthalate, PVC, and polycarbonate free
  • The silicone sleeve is free of plastics and 100% non-toxic
  • All materials are FDA approved
  • With glass there is no chemical leaching and no metallic taste
  • Wide mouth bottle make it easy to add ice, citrus slices, tea bags, etc
  • Patent pending silicone sleeve provides a great gripping surface and helps to prevent breakage
  • They are EN 71, EN 14350, and CPSIA (HR 4040) compliant

  • The bottle itself and the top are both recyclable. The silicone sleeve can be returned to us and we'll forward it on to where it can be re-ground to make outdoor playground mats or mats for barn animals.

    For more information about our glass water bottles, read our blog post
    5 Reasons to Drink from Glass.

    About Lifefactory
    Bottle maker, Lifefactory believes the long-term future is determined by how we treat the earth now. They use glass and silica- low impact raw materials. They keep packaging to a minimum to leave less of a footprint on our precious earth.
    All of their products go through rigorous testing and score well above the industry standard for chemical content and durability.

    "Breakability was the biggest hurdle, but after repeated tests the Lifefactory team came up with a version that easily withstands everyday rigors. We intentionally dropped one on a concrete floor several times (not recommended, of course), and it survived without a single crack." San Francisco Chronicle
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