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    Hopscotch Kids All Natural Nail Polish Soy Remover
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    Dimensions: 2oz bottle
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    Hopscotch Kids All Natural Nail Polish Soy Remover

    Our Hopscotch Kids Natural Nail Polish Soy Remover is a revolutionary soy polish remover that has been formulated to remove both water-based and solvent-based nail polishes safely and naturally without stripping the nails of natural oils. It offers a safe, natural option for removing polish.  It has none of the harmful toxic chemicals found in most nail polish removers plus it is 100% biodegradable. You no longer have to worry about the harmful chemicals your little ones may be absorbing through their nails!  Made in the USA.

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    For adults, we have


    For help and advice or to order over the phone, please call 778 279 5463.

    More information:
    Hopscotch Kids nail products are a safer, more environmentally friendly alternative to conventional nail polish - made especially for girls, but great for women too! Recommended ages: 3+ years.

    Ingredients: water, tall oil fatty acids & alcohols (plant based), non ionic surfactant, organic buffer.

    Tips for polish removal:
    Moisten cotton pad and rub across nails to remove polish. For easier removal, pre-moisten all nails with remover, allowing time for polish to soften. Polish is easier to remove after a warm bath when both nails and polish are softer.

    About Hopscotch Kids:
    Based in Arizona, Hopscotch Kids os dedicated to preserving the joys of being a 'girl at play' through development and distribution of natural, safe and non-toxic products. They are animal friendly. Hopscotch Kids Water Colors nail polish contains no animal products and has never been tested on animals.

    About the Research:
    Recent research is showing that potentially harmful chemicals in traditional shampoos, cleansers, deodorant and nail polishes have a “cumulative” effect within the body. This means that even a tiny bit everyday adds up and is stored within the body. So even though you think you are using a small amount here and a small amount there, your body stores the toxins until such time that your health could be affected.

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