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Natural SPF Sunscreen

The great outdoors has enough to threaten the health of our skin, without having to worry about the potentially harmful chemical effects of sunscreens on top of it. We've handpicked the top natural sunscreen products on the market -- all free of nasty chemicals and effective too.

Staying Sun Safe. At Lavish & Lime we're all about making smart choices - especially outdoors and in the sun. We suggest the best way to go is to pair the right sunscreen for you (a minimum of 15 SPF and water resistant) with what we like to call sun smarts: seek shade between 10am-4pm when the sun's rays are strongest, wear long loose clothing and a hat to shield your face, don't forget to put balm on your lips, again a minimum of SPF 15.  To help you get the information you need to choose the right sunscreen for you, we've put together a series of blog posts about various topics surrounding the use of sun care products. While our focus is natural mineral sunscreen products whenever possible, you might ask why not use regular chemical sun tan lotion I've been using for years? Find out the answer to this and other important sunscreen questions in the posts below.

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