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    Reusable Sandwich Wrap
    Priced at: $10.00
    Item Code: SKU1847
    Dimensions: 12.6" x 12.6"; 32cm x 32cm
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    Reusable Sandwich Wrap

    Say goodbye to baggies! This eco-friendly sandwich wrap is a fresh idea to be used again and again. One reusable sandwich wrap can be used for an entire school year. Fold left to right, top to bottom, secure the velcro fastener and lunch is good to go. It doubles as a place mat, providing a clean place to eat lunch and is great for fruit, crackers and other snacks too. FDA-approved, the sandwich wrap's interior is made of LDPE (please note there are some minor markings on this material which occurs during the production process), the same material as plastic sandwich bags but a thicker grade, to ensure its re-usability. Our reusable sandwich wrap is made of thicker material allows less air to penetrate, keeping what’s inside fresher than the typical plastic sandwich bag. Exterior is a cotton blend. More than 10 styles to choose from. Made in the USA.

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    More information:
    An array of different adult and children's sandwich wrap colours and designs to choose from.

    Ideal for using as place mat on desks to protect food from coming into contact with potential germs.

    Interior lining is BPA-free, lead-free and phthalate-free. There's no fabric weave to allow bacterial build up,

    Simple to clean: just wipe the reusable wrap with warm water and air dry. No need to invert. No hidden crumbs in the corners.

    Did you know the U.S. alone adds 20 million baggies to the landfill DAILY? And that on average, a student creates 66 lbs of lunch waste per year? According to the Recycling Council of Ontario, that's 18,700 lbs per school per year.

    Customer says:
    The absolute best part was that I had stored an egg salad sandwich in my wrap. Normally I pack the egg salad and bread separately as the sandwich ends up soggy by lunch, but I was not thinking when I made my lunch as it was the first time making lunch for work since being off on maternity leave. Anyway, the point is that my egg salad sandwich was if I had just made it moments before eating it...instead of the night before. I’m sure the sandwich wrap had something to do with this. Regardless, I am hooked and will be snagging more reusable sandwich wraps." ~ Tiff G., Sarnia, ON

    "I love the sandwich wrap. It's a major time saver in the morning and easy to clean - you just rinse it, dry it and use it again. My daughter gets excited about what's in her 'surprise' package each day!" ~ Annie H., West Vancouver, BC

    Media says:
    "The hardest working lunch accessory (next to the mom who made it)—these Reuseable Sandwich Wraps hold sandwiches, then double as a placemat for more sterile food consumption, then close with velcro. Safe and non-toxic, simply wipe clean after every use…which is nice and easy for a wiped parent at the end of a busy day." ~

    "...can seriously cut down on your baggie use and your budget because you can use same wrap for lunches for months on end. Though not plastic-free, the wrap’s lining is made of the same material as plastic sandwich bags, just thicker, we feel it’s still a great option." ~

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