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    Stainless Steel Straws 4-Pack with Cleaning Brush - regular
    Priced at: $13.00
    Item Code: SKU34828
    Dimensions: 17.65 cm/6.95" long, 6 mm/0.24" dia
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    Stainless Steel Straws 4-Pack with Cleaning Brush - regular

    Live more gently upon this earth and swap our non-toxic, long lasting reusable stainless steel straws for traditional BPA-laden plastic disposable ones. Made from polished 18/8 stainless steel, these 100% recyclable metal straws are dishwasher-safe and not only free of BPA, phthalates and other potentially harmful toxic chemicals, but they can last a lifetime too. Unlike plastic straws, their frequent disposal does not become an issue in the landfill and eventually oceans and with marine life. Plastic drinking straws are considered one of the 'dirty dozen' of debris most frequently found polluting our oceans. Sea birds and other marine life mistake them for worms and can choke on them. Reusable stainless steel straws are not only healthier for you and the planet, but their sleek lines make any drink look ultra cool too. At almost 7"/18cm in length, these slightly bent straws are the perfect size for a tumbler, or child's drink. Set includes four straws plus a handy straw cleaning brush.

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    For help and advice or to order over the phone, call 604 734 0088.

    More information:
    Our sleek stainless steel straws are dishwasher safe. If you've delayed washing and are concerned about what may have dried up on the inside of the straw, try using the straw cleaning brush included in this pack, which also work with our glass straws.

    One reason why you should avoid use of plastic straws as prescribed in a Health Alert by John Hopkins University Medicine. "Some plastic drinking straws say on the label “not for hot beverages.” Most people think the warning is because someone might be burned. If you put that plastic straw into a boiling cup of hot coffee, you basically have a hot water extraction going on, where the chemicals in the plastic straw are being extracted into your nice cup of coffee. We use the same process in the lab to extract chemicals from materials we want to analyze."

    While some people are concerned about the taste of stainless steel, from our experience, kids in particular seem to love these straws.

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