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    1. Stainless Steel Straws 4-Pack with Cleaning Brush - regular
    2. Straw Cleaning Brush
    3. Light My Fire Spork
    4. Compostable Ecobrush Kid's Toothbrush
    5. Keep Leaf Reusable Round Food and Sandwich Wraps
    6. Non-Toxic Stainless Steel Ice Packs for Lunch Boxes
    7. Coola SPF 35 Sport Spray Sunscreen - citrus mimosa
    8. Glass Water Bottle - royal purple 450ml
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    Welcome to Lavish & Lime!

    Now is a great time to reflect on how we can make smarter choices to live greener, healthier lives. Here at Lavish & Lime we're chalk full of hundreds of everyday eco finds to help you live more gently on this earth. 

    Healthier choices for the planet mean healthier choices for you too. For example, biodegradable cleaning products that go down the drain don't harm our waterways and the ecosystems surrounding them because they're made from natural ingredients rather than nasty, smelly chemicals that can prove harmful to those who use them.

    With the colder weather setting in, staying hydrated is as important as ever. View our extensive range of the market's top reusable water bottles in glass, stainless steel and BPA-free plastic. For a moisturized you, without the chemicals, check out our range of natural bodycare products and keep your skin feeling soft, supple and smooth.

    Anytime is a great time to take stock and replenish your waste-free lunch gear. Browse our most popular category featuring the latest non-toxic and reusable litterless lunch gear perfect both for school and for work.

    Please join us on Facebook - where you'll be kept up to date with our latest eco tips, giveaways, discounts and more! It's a great place to leave comments and interact with our friends. You can join us on Twitter and Pinterest too.

    As ever we're always available to answer any questions or provide additional product information - feel free to get in touch: email us at

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    The Lavish & Lime Team

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